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Sports Injuries


15120423_sSport plays an important part of many peoples lifestyle. Sport has many positive outcomes like improves overall health, releases stress and is fun. Often injuries occur through sport and can prevent you from playing. Luckily physiotherapists can treat your injuries to get you back into the game.

Common Injuries

Most sporting injuries are a result of a direct impact (bruise or contusion) or an indirect force like a twist (sprains, strains, tears). Some injuries are due to over use (stress fractures).

Common injuries

  • Bruises
  • Ligament sprains
  • Joint injuries
  • Over use injuries


  • Warm up and warm down before exercise
  • Correct footwear and sporting equipment
  • Specific conditioning for your particular sport
  • Strong aerobic fitness
  • Strong muscle control and reactions

When Can You Return to Work/Sport?

Before returning to work/sport it is essential to regain strength, mobility, balance and co-ordination. Physiotherapists will assess these areas and show you how to improve.

What To Do After An Injury

As soon as possible and for at least 72 hours after injury, use the below RICE method:
R – REST – Only move within your limit of pain.
I – ICE – As soon as possible and for 20 minutes every two hours.
C – COMPRESSION – Firmly bandage the sprain including 5cm above and below.
E – ELEVATION – As much as possible, elevate the sprain higher than your heart.

Avoid any of the below HARM factors in the first 72 hours to prevent worsening the injury and lengthening your recovery.